Tips for Managing Competing Priorities

Three years ago we bought our "dream home".  It isn't a castle, but it has ingredients of country casual we love. The fact this home would need extra work since it's got a large property to maintain and is a larger sized home, did not appear to be an issue, but lately it's been getting to be an issue. 

I'm finding the constant cleaning, reorganizing, repairing, redoing, and so on, are keeping me from doing more of what I find deeply fulfilling.

At times, there are so many competing priorities, I fail to take action.  It's much easier to sit at my computer (if you know what I mean). 

At times, I'm called away from certain jobs and they remain incomplete. 

Other times, the weather interferes.  Who wants to garden in the rain?

Here are a few strategies I'm going to put into place to curb this constant problem:

  1. Keep main areas tidy and clean on an ongoing basis, but only because doing so meets a personal value I've set--to be ready to show hospitality to whoever visits.  Also, regular maintenance will help the work from building up.
  2. Identify what's working and what's not.  Develop a picture for each area that begs improvement.  Don't start on an area until the time can be scheduled to do it from start to finish.  
  3. Budget time and money to complete #2.
  4. List all the tasks weighing me down and schedule them into the week.  But only with a goal that once they are done I'll be free to pursue relationships and do more fun activities. 

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