A Few Tips for Living Well

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Here are a few tidbits I've learned over the last year that I thought might be helpful to share with you:

  1. Care less.  Yes, care about loving God and others, but care less about so many other things in life that are related to worry, possessions, what others think, have said, etc.  Don't care so much for someone that their pain puts you into pain.  How do you care less?  Give it to God to handle.
  2. Use the word "opportunity" instead of  "problem".  Every situation that comes up is an opportunity to make a choice, learn something, try something, take a risk, or even fail.  Even in failing there is growth.  My car had a broken heater, it became an opportunity to explore new car options. It was an opportunity to ask God what to do about it and watch him work things out.  Seeing problems as opportunities changes thinking.
  3. Trust God is working.  He speaks to others as much as he speaks to you.  You aren't so special that you're the only one he speaks to.  He can lead and speak to your husband, son, daughter.  Stand back, stop controlling  and watch God at work.
  4. Look for beauty.  I do transcription, freelance writing and life coaching from a home office.  I have windows all around me.  I often take time to snap pictures, especially of the views I see from the windows as nature changes.  I stop to smell the roses.  I put pretty things in my office to enjoy.  I play with colour by changing afghans, silk flowers and even the place-mat on my desk as the mood hits.  Beauty makes life enjoyable. 

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