Face the Driver of the Midlife Crisis

When a woman feels she's in "crisis" during midlife, what she in many cases wants is to be rid of those "feelings".  The trouble is, the source of those feelings can vary.

Many a woman has known fun and happiness, what it is like to have a fit body and meaningful goals to work on, what it is like to be affirmed and to feel needed.  Often these are feelings she wants again.

One thing that looms in many women's lives is a fear of the future or the unknown.  As their children mature, they know they will be moving on.  That can bring sadness to a woman.  It can be easy for a woman to get stuck in pitying her future self--a self without the children around.  But what that does is limits her from enjoying her now.  In many cases the pitiful self won't transpire, so it's of little value to conjure up fantasies about a bleak future that will never exist.  If you find yourself there, already grieving over the loss of your children who are actually still under your roof, get a grip!  Train your mind to enjoy today and trust me when I say you will evolve enough when they go off to college that you will walk through the future with new-found joy.

Another thing looming in the darkness is a woman knows her motherhood role is changing.  Children do need to start thinking for themselves.  A mother does need to back off.  If she won't be spending as much time on "mothering", she'll need to fill her gaps with new things.  Finding the right new things can be a challenge.  If you're in this phase, give yourself time to adjust.  Then read some of my other articles that suggest where to find new interests.

Take time to relax and enjoy your life!

Now back to those "feelings".  Often women will be tempted to blame their feelings on many things--their husbands, their lack of income, circumstances, etc.  They will often try to manipulate circumstances in an effort to make them feel better.  They may apply for new jobs, jump into an affair, turn weird in their behaviour toward their husbands, and so on.  It is important for women to know that it often isn't a change in circumstances they want as much as to be rid of the troubling feelings.

If you have these troubling feelings, take them to God.  Ask him to heal them and to point you in the right direction.

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