Life Coaching for the Midlife Woman

Why would a midlife woman use a life coach?  For many reasons.  Let me share a few.

If a midlife woman has become single-again due to divorce or widowhood, it may help her to have a trusted confidante to brainstorm with or work out common every day issues with.  Some women don't want to bother their grown children with their "stuff"  so hiring a life coach can fill the gap.

If a midlife woman finds herself in transition due to losing or quitting her job, due to a move or children leaving the home, she can confidentially discuss her transition with a trained life coach.  Having a life coach to flesh it out with will give her support and help her makes sense of where her life is headed.

If a woman needs to restart a career, working with a life coach may help her define a few steps she could take.

When a midlife woman hires a female life coach, and one who's been where she is, she will discover someone who understands in a way that a pastor, husband, daughter, son or other significant other may not.

If you're looking for a way to walk through life supported, look into using a life coach either for a short term or longer term.

Author Rosalie Garde is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who is in midlife as well (over 50).  She coaches women by telephone all across North America or by email anywhere in the world.  

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