The Wheel of Midlife Re-Invention

A common pursuit of many midlife women is to find the "Holy Grail". The Holy Grail might be typified by the words happiness, success, and fulfillment.  The search for the Holy Grail becomes more desperate to the midlife woman because she realizes life is moving quickly and time is running out.  Shouldn't she have found it by now?
When you consider God's will and ways, finding the Holy Grail as listed above isn't what He desires.  Perhaps this is why finding it is so elusive, because we were never intended to focus so much on these things--happiness, success and fulfillment.  God desires we seek Him, righteousness and to be available to be used for His purposes.  


Times Change

So even if my goal has been "righted" and I'm focused on the right things, it is still apparent that I need to re-define myself in midlife.  It isn’t selfish, it is necessary since my life season has changed.
Each year as a mom's children move forward in school she becomes aware of what looms in the future—a life without them under her wings.  That can be frightening. 

The childless woman has her own set of worries for her future, perhaps the fear of living it alone. 

Roles Change

Our roles change by sheer virtue that our children’s lives are changing, or that our career is changing.  We are aging too, and there’s no stopping the process. 

There is no graduation ceremony for moms, so to speak.  There are no textbooks for a woman to study to spell out what is next.
Are You Re-Inventing?

The search for re-invention is an ongoing process. Here are a few tips for beginning your re-invention: 
  1. Reviewed the significant stages of your life thus far.  Divide them into chapters.  What chapter are you about to begin?
  2. What title can you give your new chapter?
  3. Write a long list of questions to God about the upcoming chapter. 
  4. Pray your list.
  5. Read a number of different books as well as the Bible and make note of what applies to your list. 
  6. Look for confirmations and answers to your questions.
  7. Search the Internet and make notes on what you find from the places you end up. 
  8. Work on your diet and exercise.  
  9. Come up with five to 10 words that you think describe you.
  10. Each day develop and morph into who you are to be. 
What have you done lately to re-invent yourself?  What tips do you have for others?

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