Midlife Christian Woman Part I

I am by no means a mid-life expert--not yet anyhow. Also, I fully recognize that everyone's mid-life experience will be different. Yet my research has given me some viewpoints I'd like to share.

I want to chuckle when those in their 30s or early 40s feel they're in a mid-life crisis. Yes, those years can be turbulent, but a true midlife crisis is bound to hit between age 45 to 52. 

(A woman who became a mother younger may find herself in crisis earlier since her prime mothering years end earlier.)


I was recently asked what Christian women are looking for in midlife.

There are many midlife women that will tell you they don't know what they're looking for. Some are on a constant hunt.  Others don't know where to begin.

Through some digging, let me share some possible answers.  The answer to what a midlife woman is looking for can vary woman to woman, but there are often some similarities.

To start with, they are looking for many of the same things they did when they were younger. The crisis part comes when they realize they can't go back in time. Accepting the aging process is difficult for many.  Most today balk at the idea of retiring, becoming a grandmother and "slowing down".  

No, today's midlife women want to have one more go around.  I think it is a healthy approach, actually, more healthy than pining "I'm old" and acting the part of an old out of shape woman.

Tip:   Take a minute to look back in order to reconnect with that teen or young adult you once were.   Remind yourself of all you've been through.  Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments.  Then look forward to what the next phase will offer.  Start your journey.

Please proceed to Part II to read more.


  1. Your statement "a true midlife crsis is bound to hit between forty-five and fifty-two" comforts me because it has been true for me and I feel alot of other women are going through it too. I don't feel so alone. I've always been pretty self-sufficient until now, and I've needed close family members to support me during this needful time and they've turned their back on me and that's made it so much more difficult. Going through this AND facing that they won't support me. Thank you so much for your work here for christian women. It is so needed. I search the website and this is the only true helpful site I've found. I know God will bless you.

  2. Thanks so much for your input. I need that type of feedback to keep me directed.

    For yourself, if others aren't supporting you, it may be important to look at your style and how you're being perceived. While your cry might be for understanding and feedback, the person on the receiving end may see it as complaining. You may have to build a support network of another kind--one that fills your gaps.

    No two women face the exact same pattern, but many have similar issues. Some blame it on other things. I like to neatly package it all into crisis because it is a very complex issue.

    So glad something has helped you make a little more sense of your life.