Midlife Christian Woman Part V

This is a continuation of this blog on what does the midlife woman want:


TO have a sense of ongoing purpose:  Everyone needs a sense of contributing to the bigger world, a routine of ongoing learning, and a sense of direction. If a midlife woman has been home for many years or has taken early retirement, it may be hard for her to find a new niche in which to find this and blossom.

The younger people need jobs and are often more energetic and tech savvy than the midlife women and may be chosen over the midlife woman. It can be hard for the midlife woman to compete.

If she's fortunate, she will find just the right place that values her experience and maturity. It takes searching and networking to find this.

Many traditional jobs a midlife woman excelled in no longer exist. She may need retraining. It's a condition of a changing world and less to do with her personally.  Jobs across the board have changed.

Volunteering is one thing, but there isn't the same kind of reward in it as a paying job where she has regular interaction, raises, position, and is counted on. Money is the world's commodity. Getting paid gives many woman a sense of value. 

So some midlife women will find purpose in a business they start from home. The ability to earn even just a few dollars a week and having a job description can boost her self-esteem.

A midlife woman should identify a few areas of interest she has in things that matter in the world and then do what she can to be a part of them.

For the Christian woman, finding out how God wants to use her is paramount. She will have more peace and joy if she sees God's hand in the work she does.

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