Are You on a Journey?

Have you've been able to narrow down a personal mission statement? Have you identified your values and reason for being? Have you identified some of the strengths God has given you? Do you know the types of missions you like to get involved with?

If So, What Do You Do Next?

Do Investigative Work: Check into online courses, websites, local missions, or virtual work that corresponds to your interests. Learn something new from each page you visit and listen for God's voice suggesting "look further into this", "mark this down", or "come back to this later".

Participate: Each site you visit may not only teach you something, but you may be there to add a comment or take part in a giving kind of way.

Talk to Others: Talk about your ideas with others. Be prepared that not everyone will understand your interests. That's okay. Get to know a few other people outside of your usual circle.

Link Online: Find out what others are doing. Is there some way to intersect with them?

Respond: If someone asks you to do something, unless it is greatly obvious that it doesn't line up with what you've identified, go for it.

Completing God's purposes is like taking a journey and stopping to smell the flowers and to unearth treasures along the way. The journey is ongoing and there is always something new ahead of you if you look for it.

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